Health Today Expo 2018


Sheraton LaGuardia East – Flushing, NY
Sunday, Sept. 2nd 2018, 10 am to 4 pm

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Dear Sir/Madam:
Being the leading Health related biweekly in Chinese, Health Today has the honor to organize a “Health Today Expo” on Sept 2nd 2018 (Sunday) from 10am to 4pm in the Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel, Flushing, New York. More than 3000 visitors are expected to attend this exclusive Health Carnival. It is a unique platform to promote your products/services to the large Asia market. We will have health lecturers, demonstrations, free health screening and consulting, give-away, raffle drawing, yoga class, talent shows, and 60 exhibitor tables in the annual event. It is also a special interactive occasion for Asian well-known health care enterprises to introduce their products/services to the United States. It provides the Asian exhibitors a great chance to negotiate the complementary cooperation with the domestic industries. We will invite specialists to give the seminars about FDA regulations and export/import details of supplements. The community will be able to attend for free and will be benefited by the education and services on Health products. Flushing is the most diverse Asian populations city in the entire US nowadays. This will be the yearly most important Health product expo in New York. Civic leaders will endorse and be present at the Expo. Do not miss the great opportunity for your company to participate as a sponsor. Please review the attached sponsor packages for your choice. We are accepting the registrations as first-come, first-served. Deadline for registration is August 1st, 2018. As a sponsor, your company logo will be on all the promotional material and you will be invited to the Press Conference in mid-August. You will get lead from the Expo and I am sure that you will have tremendous positive feedback from the event. Thank you for your time and consideration. I am looking forward to seeing your booth and image in the show. Call us at 718-781-7763 if you have any further questions.
作為健康資訊的主要華文媒體,「健康生活」將於2018年9月2日(週日)上午10點至下午4點在紐約喜來登酒店舉辦為期一天的「健康博覽日」活動,預計將有超過3000名讀者或社區民眾會參加這項獨一無二的健康嘉年華會。這是一個將您的產品/服務推廣到華裔市場的獨特平台。當天現場將提供來賓有關免費健康檢查和諮詢、講座、贈品、抽獎、瑜珈課程、才藝表演等活動及布置60個參展攤位。 這也是亞洲知名保健企業向美國介紹產品/服務的特有互動平台,參展商與美國同業談判互補合作的重要商機。我們並將邀請專家提供關於保健品的FDA規則及進出口細節等專題報告。 民眾當天參加活動免費,並將受益於健康講座及體檢等服務。法拉盛是當今美國亞洲人口最多樣的城市,預期這將是紐約年度最重要的健康產品博覽會;市議員等民意代表均將出席致意及表達支持。 請勿錯過此次難得商機,有意共襄盛舉請參考附件的有關贊助選擇;參展攤位先到先得;報名截止日期為2018年8月1日。 贊助商的標誌均將出現在有關的活動宣傳,並將受邀參加在八月中旬舉辦的新聞發布會。深信您將會從這次促銷活動中獲益,豐收成果。 感謝及期待您的正面回應,希望在活動上看到您的展台和產品。
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